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Db2 Coding - Coding Relationally - Expert Videos


45 minutes


These expert videos delve deeper into the relational aspect of Db2 databases, explaining how it impacts the way applications are coded. The presenter discusses traditional data processing techniques and describes how this process differs when coding for Db2 databases. A range of coding tips are presented that will improve the performance of your Db2 applications.


This is aimed at individuals whose job role is to analyze and improve the performance of their Db2 database environment.


Successful completion of the Interskill, Db2 Coding - Defining Database Performance - Expert Video series, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe how a Relational Database is Structured
  • Explain the Differences Between Relational and Traditional Data Processing
  • Describe Programming Practices that Improve Db2 Application Performance

Course Content

What is Relational?

Reviewing What Constitutes Performance
Understanding What Relational Means
How Relational Impacts the Way You Code
Understanding the Relationship Between Db2 Tables
Accessing Data Elements

Relational vs. Traditional Thinking

Databases and Database Management Systems
Set Theory
Working With Tables, Rows, and Columns

What Does It Mean to Code Relationally?

Relational Closure
Retational Table Operations
SQL Statements
Working with Sets
Importance of the SQL WHERE Clause

Unlearning Past Coding Practices

Sorting and SQL
Using the ORDER BY Clause
Optimization of Data Access
Traditional Masterfile Processing
Using JOINS in Preference to CURSOR Processing
Using WHERE Instead of IF-THEN-ELSE
Differences Between Opening a File, and Opening a Cursor

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