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Db2 Coding - Defining Database Performance - Expert Videos


30 minutes


In these expert videos, a breakdown of what constitutes performance in relation to Db2 applications is discussed. The presenter begins with a high-level view of performance, and the factors to be considered when coding, and managing Db2 applications.


This is aimed at individuals whose job role is to analyze and improve the performance of their Db2 database environment.


Solid knowledge of Db2 database structures, processing of mainframe workloads, and system resources.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify the four components influencing application performance
  • Describe how Db2 application performance can be impacted
  • Describe how decreasing CPU usage and I/O operations, and increasing concurrency, improves performance

Course Content

Providing a Definition

What is Performance?
Understanding Database Performance
Importance of Database Performance
Workload, Resources, Throughput, and Contention

The Four Components

Understanding Workloads
Workload Components
Hardware and Software Resources Required by Applications
Impact of Throughput
Resource Contention

Diving a Little Deeper

Factors Influencing Db2 Application Performance
Host Language and SQL Code
Database structures
Tablespaces and Tables
Db2 Subsystem Parameters
Operating System Settings
CPU and Elapsed Time
Db2 Buffer Pools
Increasing Overall Concurrency of Work

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