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Databases – Introduction to SQL


4 hours


This course begins by providing you with an overview of SQL functionality, and describes how SQL is used to obtain data from a database table. Once data has been obtained there are many scalar and aggregate functions that can be used for purposes such as creating a subset of that data, or manipulating the data itself into another format. This is discussed in detail. Finally, you will see how data can be added to a database, and how it can be modified, and deleted.


This course is suitable for IT professionals who will be working with, or retrieving data from, an enterprise database system.


Successful completion of the Interskill Databases – Introduction to Databases and Database Managers, course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify SQL statements used to select database data
  • Code predicates to restrict data selection
  • Perform arithmetic calculations
  • Code Scalar and Aggregate Functions
  • Group data
  • Sort output
  • Insert new data into a database
  • Delete and update existing database data

Course Content

Introduction to SQL

The need for SQL
SQL Variations
SQL Sub-languages
Selecting Data from Tables
Using the WHERE Clause when Selecting Data
Specifying Operators
Pattern Matching
Handling NULL Values
Arithmetic Calculations

Reading and Processing Data

Scalar Functions
Numeric Functions
IF Function
Information Functions
User-defined Functions
Handling Dates and Times
String Functions
Aggregate Functions
MIN and MAX Functions
COUNT Function
Sorting Data Using the ORDER BY Clause

Updating Data With SQL

Adding Data to a Table Using the INSERT Statement
Using the MERGE Statement to Insert Data
LOAD DATA Statement
Removing Data Using the DELETE Statement
Modifying Data Using the UPDATE Statement

Databases – Introduction to SQL Mastery Test

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