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IMS 15 Transaction Manager for Programmers


4 hours


This course describes how IMS Transaction Manager (TM) is used by application programs to communicate with an organization's database content. It describes how IMS TM processes messages and the types of requests it can receive from application programs. The student is then shown how to code an IMS program and prepare it for execution. Examples using COBOL, PL/I, C, and Pascal are provided. Details on how the completed program needs to be defined to IMS is covered, as well as the use of terminals and how they are configured for IMS TM use.


This course is designed for Application Programmers.


Successful completion of the "IMS 15 Introduction" course or equivalent knowledge. General programming experience in one or more of the programming languages mentioned above is beneficial.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe what IMS messages are, and what they do
  • Identify how application programs access IMS TM, and the DL/I calls they can use
  • Code an IMS program
  • Prepare an IMS program for execution
  • Identify IMS transaction and program definitions
  • Describe how IMS programs work with terminals

Course Content

IMS Messages and Programs

Understanding how IMS Messaging Works
Message Retention During Warm and Cold Starts
Shared Message Queues
Display Queued Input and Output Message Queues
IMS Transmission Components
IMS DL/I Interface
Interface Programs and Parameters
IMS Function Codes
IMS Status Codes
IMS Fast Path Programs
Program Specification Block (PSB)

Creating IMS Programs

Message-Oriented Processing
Storage Declarations
PCB Mask
Address PCBs
DL/I Calls Using COBOL, and C
Compiling and Binding an IMS Program Under COBOL, PL/I, and C/C++
Java Programs
IMS REXX Adapter

IMS Program Definition and Terminals

Defining IMS Programs and Transactions to IMS
Dynamic Resource Definition (DRD)
Transaction Class and Priority
IMS and Logical Terminals
Master Terminal Operator (MTO)
Formatted and Unformatted Terminal Output
Message Format Service (MFS)

IMS 15 Transaction Manager for Programmers Mastery Test