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Editing with VI


4 hours


The Editing with vi course describes how the vi Editor is used to open, and update text files. Editing techniques such as searching, filtering, finding, copying and replacing text is covered and some advanced material relating to the editor configuration and programming support is also provided.


System operators and other personnel who are new to the Linux environment and the VI text editor distributed with Linux


Basic knowledge of Linux


    After completing this course, the student will be able to identify how to:
  • Create, edit, and save text files with the VI editor
  • Move through large text files efficiently
  • Manipulate large blocks of text with operations such as cut, paste, search, and replace
  • Sort data inside a text file
  • Call external filters
  • Write macros

Course Content

VI Basics I

Invoking the vi Editor
Creating and Opening a File
Positioning your Cursor using Commands and Keys
Basic Text Editing Commands

VI Basics II

Searching, Finding, and Replacing Text
Manipulating Blocks of Text
Undoing Commands
Cut and Paste Buffers

Advanced VI

Configuring vi Defaults
vi Support for C and Pascal Code
Macro Support
vi Filters

Editing with vi Mastery Test