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Linux Operations


4 hours


The Linux Operations course describes the purpose of Linux Processes and explains how these activities can be monitored and managed. Information describing how to create Linux jobs and optionally schedule them to run is discussed along with other operational tasks relating to system logs and shell customization.


System operators and other personnel who are new to the Linux environment and require knowledge on managing processes and log files, and customizing the user interface


Basic knowledge of Linux


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the concept of a process under Linux
  • Recognize background commands and process control
  • Identify how to locate and review log files available in Linux
  • Recognize the options and facilities available for customizing the shell

Course Content

Linux Processes

What is a Linux Process?
Linux System Processes
Linux Signals
/proc File System
Job Control and Job Scheduling

Log Files/ Errors and Status

Overview of System Logging
Types of Log Files
Interpreting Common Errors
Application and System Status Messages

Customizing the Shell

BASH Startup Files
Setting Prompts
Shell Options
The PATH Variable

Linux Operations Mastery Test