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Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities


3 hours


The “RACF - Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities” course follows on from the “RACF -Defining and Managing Users” course describing how users can be connected to group profiles and can be assigned special privileged access.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about how user access is defined using RACF on the z/OS platform.


Successful completion of the “RACF - Defining and Managing Users” course or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the use and structure of group profiles
  • Enter commands used to maintain group profiles
  • Maintain group profiles using the RACF ISPF interface
  • Connect and remove users from Groups
  • Explain how Group Authorities and User Attributes are used

Course Content

Defining Group Profiles to RACF

What are Group Profiles?
Group Profile Categories
Group Profile Structure
TSO Commands Used to Define, Maintain, List, and Delete Group Profiles
Using ISPF to Maintain Group Profiles

Connecting Users, Groups, and Administration Authorities

Connecting and Removing Users from Groups
Group Authorities - JOIN, USE, CREATE, and CONNECT
SPECIAL Attribute
AUDITOR and ROAUDIT Attributes
CLAUTH Attribute
REVOKE Attribute
GRPACC Attribute
ADSP Attribute

RACF - Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities Mastery Test