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Cryptography Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Cryptography - Pervasive Encryption z/OS 2.5
1 This course begins by discussing the evolution of encryption, describing its importance, benefits and how pervasive encryption is today, a viable solution for organizations looking to meet data security requirements and compliance regulations. Major components of the z16 infrastructure are provided, describing how at-rest, and in-flight data associated with those components supports new and existing encryption capabilities.
Implementing Pervasive Encryption on z/OS - Expert Videos
Expert Videos
1 This expert video series introduces and discusses the types of z/OS data you should consider encrypting and the levels of encryption available. It begins by looking at full disk encryption, then moving to methods used for encrypting individual disk data sets. Information on encrypting other at-rest data residing on tape and the coupling facility is presented, as well as how unique data such as JES2 spool data sets, and database data can be secured. A look at in-flight data and how that is encrypted is also discussed. Finally, some best practice for determining which data you should encrypt is presented.

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